WillTri Triathlon Club – briefly in English

WillTri ry is an triathlon club in South-Karelian area which gathers together triathletes from beginner to advanced. Club organizes events to practice swim, bike and run. Our community is very strong and everyone is welcome to join, no matter if you are a beginner or experienced triathlete.

We have open-water swimming track near to Lappeenranta harbour and on summer-time we practice there together at least once a week. Also race simulation exercises where you can practice all different legs of triathlon and transitions are held in Mattila bond or some other places near by. From autumn to spring we have own pool shift in Lappeenranta City swimming hall. Together with Lappeenranta cyclists, we also organize weekly indoor cycling exercises.

How to join?

Everyone who is interested in triathlon can join our club. You can send f.e. email to our club’s board member who is in charge of membership matters, willtritriathlon (at) gmail.com

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